We didn’t expect we’d be driving up to Utah so soon, but Rob’s dad’s final resting spot was in Spanish Fork. The day after the funeral in Mesa, and one more outdoor shower, we set out to drive up to Provo. I think the both of us were a little scared to take a 4 month and 2 year old on a 13 hours drive. Overall it wasn’t too bad. There were definitely times of loud crying, some complaining, some bribing, and a few peaceful hours when both the girls slept. PicMonkey Collage
Out trip turned out a bit longer when we realized they’d closed the road to Page and you had to detour through Fredonia. We were planning to drive straight to my sister Kimberly’s newly remodeled condo to see all the work they’d done. The last time we saw it it was stripped down and was a major work in progress. With it almost completed it was beautiful! I wish it were mine! We didn’t arrive until 9pm, but we still has a chance to visit and receive a grand tour of the place.
That night, and a few after, we stayed at my sister Jen’s condo. We spent Saturday listening to General Conference with a little trip to the park in between sessions. During the Priesthood session the kids and I got together with some friends. It was so fun to see Lara, Carissa, Brandice, and their cute little kids! I can’t believe I forgot to get a picture with them all.
Sunday, we watched General Conference at my brother Cameron’s place. It was really fun to see him and his family… it’d been such a long time. It was Andrew’s 4th birthday the next day and Sara made the coolest dinosaur cake for dessert. She has major skills!PicMonkey Collage2
Sunday night we had dinner with our friends the McGees. It was just like old times, except they recently added a new edition to their family… little Eily. 2013-04-07 19.30.19
Monday (the 8th), we met up with Brandice and Eily and checked out the new outlets at Traverse Mnt. Solon met up with us for lunch at the Blue Lemon. Then we headed back to their place for little Eily’s photo shoot, dinner, and to watch the National Championship game.HPP_4469
Sophie made a perfect model for testing the light before Eily’s photo shoot.PicMonkey Collage3
As we left our friends house the battery and break light turned on in our car. According to the manual it needed some help. The funeral was the next day and we needed the reliability of a working car so Rob got up early and took it in to be looked at. Of course they didn’t get back to us before we needed to be leaving for the funeral so we were able to hitch a ride with Rob’s sister and husband. They’d rented a car, but lucky for us they were given a mini van. A tender mercy. We were running a bit late and showed up half way through the viewing. As we arrived, I was informed that I was leading the music for the service, and only having lead a couple times in my life, I thought I’d better look at the songs right away. It so happened that I couldn’t find one hymn book in the whole place. It was a good thing I was concerned- it gave the funeral director enough time to print out music for the pianist, me, and the rest of the congregation. Phew… I had just enough time to nurse Sophie before the start, but was bummed I missed the family prayer. My leading skills needed some major help, but I just kept telling myself no one was really watching and if they were… oh well. Rob did a great job on his talk and it was fun hearing everyone again and the addition of Uncle Jack’s talk. After the service it took some time, but we made our way over to the cemetery for the grave dedication. It was crazy how cold it was in Utah at the cemetery when it was so hot  a few days before after the funeral in Mesa. We had a nice lunch at the church afterwards.HPP_4509
Since Rob couldn’t miss anymore time away from school he was scheduled to fly out that evening. Tender mercy #2 was when we found out his sister Jen and Forrest were taking the same flight home. Since our car was still at the shop that made things a whole lot easier. They dropped me and the girls off at the condo and gave Rob a ride to the airport. That afternoon Molly kept Sophie and me pretty entertained by doing bums on the bed.
We found out that afternoon that our car needed a new alternator which they could get from Salt Lake. That meant our car wouldn’t be done until Wednesday. So the kids and I were stranded at the condo all day alone, they did get really good naps though. At least one child was asleep from 9am-4pm. That afternoon when I finally got a hold of the mechanics they said that the alternator they got from Salt Lake was the wrong one and that they had to get one from Ogden so the car wouldn’t be done till just before closing. It took some help from my sister Jen and my niece Haley, but we got my car back and were back in business and ready to visit more family.
Thursday, Brandice came down to the condo to hang out before we left for my parents house in Marion. We drove up after naps and got there just in time for dinner. My parents wanted to take us out so we loaded up and went to the Gateway Grill in Kamas. It was nice, but Molly decided to cooperate as little as possible… which was a little frustrating for me.
Friday we spent the day with my parents and bother Jon. Molly had a good time playing with all the toys I grew up playing with…PicMonkey Collage4
I had to take a picture of my brother’s nightstand and all his clocks. When I tell people about his love for clocks I don’t think they get the jist. Well, her are just a few of them. I counted 49 total clocks and watches in his room. I don’t know how he gets any sleep with all the alarms and all the ticking throughout the night.HPP_4547
That afternoon, late into the night, and the next day I thought I’d scan and save a bunch of my childhood photos. It was a big project, but I’m glad I did it.2013-04-30
Saturday, after plenty of time scanning photos on the computer we drove the 2 hour drive out to Roosevelt to see my brother Shane and sister Kim and their families. I spent Saturday night with Shane, before heading over to Kim’s. Sunday we went to church and had a nice dinner. That afternoon Shane took me into the office and checked out my eyes. Still 20/15 vision from the Lasik I had 9 years ago. Monday morning we woke up to six inches of snow!HPP_4551
After packing up, lunch, and an episode of Downton Abby we were ready to drive back up to my parents house. It was that afternoon I learned of the Boston Marathon bombings.
We spent the night with my parents and Jon. We played a game of SkipBo and had the most delicious slice of Lemon Meringue Pie.HPP_4558
On Tuesday we drove yet another 2 hours up to Logan to stay with my sister Tiffany and her family. Molly got to test out sleeping in a big bed and only fell off once in the wee morning hours. HPP_4574
Sophie slept in bed with me. When I spent over 2 hours taking Molly back to bed for a nap the next day I decided she’d had enough of the big bed and busted out the pack and play. We all slept a little better once she had nowhere to go.HPP_4580
Tuesday night (16th) we froze our buns off watching Zach soccer game. It amazes me how little cold affects kids. They just play and have a good time anyway. Thank goodness Tiffany had extra coats for all of us.
Wednesday we got some newborn photos of my newest nephew Crew. I can’t believe how tiny he still is even at a month old. I think he was smaller than Sophie or Molly every were.HPP_4604
That night I picked up my niece Sara who’s in school at Utah State and got to spend a little time with her. Us girls made a special stop to get some Aggie ice cream before taking Sara home that night.
I spent two mornings getting up at the crack of dawn and doing Crossfit with my bother-in-law Doug.
On Friday, we left in the morning to pick up Rob, who flew into the Ogden airport. We decided to forgo staying the night and started our long drive home. We made a quick stop at Costa Vida for lunch and then were on our way. On the way home we took a different way, not realizing it went right threw Zions National Park. We stopped just outside to pick up some sandwiches at the grocery store for dinner. It sure helped that when we went up to the teller to just ask if we could drive though Sophie was screaming at the top of her lungs. He was nice enough to not make us drive all the way back to Hurricane to avoid the entrance fee and let us through. Tender mercy #3.
I remember thinking as we were getting closer to Zions that this route was such a beautiful drive why hadn’t we gone that way before. Once I realized it was because there was a national park right in the middle I got in touch with my Swedish-ness and thought how it’s not fair that the government can make you pay to enjoy nature. They don’t do that in Sweden. Everyone has the right to enjoy nature even if it’s someone else’s property. Allemansrätten!
I did get a few pictures of the drive from the car window. It was beautiful.
That night we made it through the park and stayed in a motel just on the other side. Rob negotiated at 3 different places and got us a room for $40.  Molly was so excited about the motel it was really hard getting her to calm down enough to sleep. Once she did she was out like a light. Sophie decided to have a major blowout. I was so glad it happened after we were out of the car. Tender mercy #4. But it was bad enough Rob had to get into the shower with her just to clean her up.
It was nice to get a full night’s rest and to have several hours of the drive completed. The next day we decided to take a detour and visit Sedona on the way home. I don’t think it was the greatest idea with it being a Saturday. It was so busy there it was annoying! We got out long enough to get a picture and ended up eating at McDonalds. Molly decided to blow bubbles in her full carton of chocolate milk and spilled milk all over her and the floor. That did it. We were done with Sedona. We headed down to Mesa to pick up the car Rob left at his parents house when he flew out the day before. We spent a little time with his family and then made the 2 hour drive back to Tucson in separate cars. Rob took the car with both the kids in it so I could have some peace and quiet. Tender mercy #5.HPP_4697
It was really nice to see so many family members and friends, but it sure was nice not to have to live out of a suitcase, to have Rob with us again, and to get out of the cold.


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