Days of Summer

It’s been really nice to have Rob out of school. It makes everyday a fun day and we’ve kept busy. We’ve been swimming,HPP_4830
5 May4
…we’ve partied with friends,945518_10101853754308402_1229586851_n
…we’ve made crafts,HPP_4909
… we visited the zoo with our friend Paige,5 May3
…we’ve been to playgroups at the park and at the mall playground, which meant we got a little shopping/making returns in. Our kids love the balloons at Old Navy.
2013-05-14 11.52.59
2013-05-14 12.38.38
We went up to Scottsdale in search for a place to live for the summer. We had a picnic and fed the ducks at Fountain Hills Park.Recently Updated23
We drove out the the Desert Museum and saw two wild snakes getting it on.DSC04929
We had snacks and played Hand and Foot with friends. I visited the dentist 2x for my two new and very expensive crowns. We’ve watched 7 movies and a few TV series. Molly’s had an on and off fever since Saturday and a cough that’s made her gag and even throw up a bit. I went to church by myself while Rob stayed home with a sick Molly and a napping Sophie. It was odd not having my family there with me. We still have a week and a half before Rob starts his internship and I’m pretty sure we’ll enjoy every minute of it.

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  1. Yay for fun times when Daddy is home! I loved seeing all your pics:)