Forgotten Photos

I have the oldest flip phone! Really, the photo on the main screen of my phone is a picture Rob took of himself while we were dating… 6 years ago. Verizon sends me surveys that ask me why I have never upgrade my phone. The numbers/letters on my phone are wearing off. It’s old, but it works, it’s cheap, and it has a great battery. This doesn’t mean I don’t WANT a new, sleek phone. I WANT one! Especially one that takes good photos. Someday I’ll join Instagram! For right now we use Rob’s phone (that doesn’t take very good photos) for little pictures here and there when we don’t have any other camera around. Here are a few forgotten phone photos.
2013-04-30 17.22.09 (1)bw  2013-05-12 22.51.20bw 2013-05-12 22.51.38bw  2013-05-12 23.00.29 (1)bw  2013-05-12 22.52.33bw  2013-05-12 23.01.52bw


  1. I have an old flip phone too. I want an iPhone, but I just don't want to pay for one yet-someday:) I'm trying to hold out till my phone is no longer usable.

  2. I think Instagram was about 80% of the reason I finally caved and got a smart phone. Not kidding.