Like a Rough Stone

Last week, Heather and I had a heated discussion while we were in Scottsdale looking for a place. It stemmed from my lack of preparation in finding potential places, but bloomed into more than a discussion in the car, during which Molly began singing, "Families Can Be Together Forever." I felt really guilty, but simultaneously proud when it happened. On Sunday, our Bishop talked about how members sometimes put on airs that everything is perfect and how they don't open up when they make mistakes. He then told us how this last week, he failed to listen to a few promptings to see an older lady in the ward with health problems that he home taught, and shared the regret he felt of not seeing her before she passed away. It was just a little bit of counsel before we broke off into our separate priesthood bodies, but I really felt the spirit of what he was saying. Yes - Heather and I got into a yelling match. Yes - it was my fault. No - I didn't realize having kids raises the frustration level in your marriage and sometimes it boils over. Yes - we needed a vacation. No - we don't have the money. That's why decided on a whim to go to Bisbee, AZ.
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Sometimes marriages have to go down a cold, dark hole, but if you have the right equipment, the right participants, and the right guide, it will see the light of day. And hopefully after you put in the work, the dust settles, the rough edges are smoothed - you can pull from the rubble a stepping stone rather than a stumbling block.HPP_6053
Bisbee ended up being a fun little town. Heather compared it to "Old town" Park City and I thought it felt like a poor man's Sedona.
We had dinner at Santiago's.HPP_5988
We ended up staying at a bed and breakfast that used to be an elementary school. The guy who owned the place was a little eccentric and lived at the school with his wife, who's English we couldn't understand. There was a fun, theme-y, and tad creepy feel to the place that made it just right.HPP_6017
One of the highlights of the trip was going to the olive oil shop. It was fun to sample mandarin orange balsamic vinegar and sun dried tomato olive oil in an old restoration-hardware-looking building. We ended up picking up a small bottle of the garlic oregano balsamic vinegar. Luckily, we decided to go on the Thursday before Memorial Day to beat the holiday rush and for the most part we succeeded.HPP_6032


  1. That's too bad you argued. Jason and I never have. ;) One time we had a "disagreement" and Clara thought we were getting divorced. It was really sad and an eye opening experience that made us both want to try even harder to avoid any future "disagreements". I think you guys are awesome. I've always wanted to go to Bisbee.

  2. Well written, I think everyone can relate. Laun and I pretty much get in a disagreement anytime we are in the moving process...good luck. Great pictures. I love taking mini vacations.

  3. WOW! Amazing pics from such a little place!! I swear you guys make everything look SO fun:)