Sophie 6 months

Are you sick of videos yet? I’m not. I’ve been on a video binge lately and it’s opened a whole new world of creativity for me.
Sophie is 6 months. She just had her first few bites of rice cereal.

Sophie is starting to babble and likes to say da da da da.
She’s a lot more pleasant in the car than she use to be.
She rakes her toys with her little fingers until she can grasp and pick them up.
She loves to scratch everything… me included (I have some ouchies to prove it).
She can scoot on her back by pushing off her feet.
She’s really practicing how to sit up from lying down on her back. She gets about 3 quarters of the way up but just can’t get that last quarter of the way. It’s coming soon though.
Sophie likes to slash water in the tub and pool.
6 month stats:
Weight:  15lbs 8oz - 40%
Height: 26.5in – 75%
HC 16.15in – 20%


  1. love the video...you are so creative! I need to learn how to do that.

  2. what program do you use to make those videos? They are awesome!