Happy Sad Good and Bad

We packed up and moved to Scottsdale for the summer.
Rob started his summer internship with CVS Caremark this week. We are grateful for his new position, but not so grateful for the extra 5-10 degrees outside.
We’re glad we found a furnished apartment, but not so glad we have to pay double rent.
Molly and Sophie are glad they get to take baths together now.HPP_6045bw
We’re glad there’s a train park just down the street. If we can get out before the heat we’ll go back and ride the merry-go-round and the train. We went on Saturday, but it was so hot we elected to stay in the air conditioned part.DSC04943
Sophie has a love hate relationship with food. She wants to try everything on Mom’s plate, but doesn’t want to eat her own carrots or rice cereal. HPP_6531
I’m glad I have my two little girls to keep me happily busy, but I will miss playgroups and friends back in Tucson!HPP_6545

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