S M o C A

Last Thursday, Heather, the kiddos and I went out to the SMoCA, which stands for the Small Museum of Crappy Art. Actually, it stands for the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. The art really wasn't that bad and it was free on Thursday nights, which was the best part. They have a couple iconic Andy Warhol's Campbell Soup paintings, an interesting bar code display, but our favorites were a couple pieces done with stickers. I'm always looking for interesting shots for Heather to take. This one below was kind of my idea.HPP_6663
So was the one above.HPP_6656
Afterward we went to Cool Gelato Italiano and shared some delicious straciatella and mint gelato. I saw this on AZCentral.com for the fourth best ice cream/gelato in the Phoenix area and it didn't disappoint. HPP_6674
After the gelato, we wanted to burn off some calories so we took a little stroll around the area and ran into a hidden gem. For all the years I've been in AZ, I've never been to or heard of the Scottsdale Civic Center Library and City Hall. I was pretty impressed since I usually have heard of the cool free hot spots to hang out. Molly loved the baby ducks, Sophie loved the fountains, I loved the shade, Heather loved the pic ops, and City Hall hated our family for trampling on their newly seeded lawn. Well, maybe hate is a little strong, but we are violators - hopefully we won't be prosecuted.

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