Sophie 7 Months

Isn’t she lovely?
She’s getting a little personality. This stage is so fun… although I think all her stages so far have been fun. A few accomplishments in the past month are:
She’s clapping her hands. You can just ask her to ‘clap clap’ and without showing her she’ll do an alligator style clap.
She flaps her arms when she want to be picked up
She’s stubborn about sleeping. She’ll be so tired and will sleep wonderfully next to me or in my arms, but as soon as she goes in her crib (pack ‘n play) she arches her back and will cry for up to an hour.
She squeals and giggles.
She puts everything in her mouth.
Sometimes she likes to rock and bounce when sitting up.
She finds a lot of comfort in my hair. She’s constantly grabbing, pulling, and tasting it.
She'll lay her head on my shoulder when she’s a little shy.
She knows her name. I can call out all sorts of names and she won’t bat and eye, but as soon as I say ‘Sophie’ she turns my way.
When she wants me she starting to reach up for me or lean toward me.
She’s a scratcher, patter, and pincher.
She’s started making the ma ma ma sound.


  1. Chubby legs and painted toys...I want to nibble her! Love it when they start clapping, she is a doll.

  2. Oops...painted toes not toys. :)