Summing up June

A couple weeks ago Rob signed up to work in a soup kitchen as part of his work day. Since dinner is in the evening, he didn’t have to go into work until early afternoon. So we took advantage of that time and headed out for breakfast at Matt’s in downtown Phoenix. 061913_0046
After breakfast and a quick shopping stop at Last Chance we split up. Rob headed to work and the girls and I headed to friends to play in the water and eat snacks. Some of the kids were a little young for understanding a water fight and were deeply offended that they were getting hit with water. Molly played victim at first and then soon got the hang of the idea, but was perfectly happy targeting the tree (bottom middle) rather than other kids.college061913_0050
On a Friday afternoon I decided to take the kids to the splash pad at Scottsdale Quarter. We had just been there a couple days prior with Rob’s Mom and sister. When they took off I decided to nurse Sophie next to the splash pad so Molly could swat and kick at the water like she normally does. Of course that day Molly, clothed, decided to full on play in the water. Usually she’s bashful, so how was I suppose to know it would be more fun to get soaking wet in her clothes than a swim suit. When we went prepared for the water, Molly just wanted to sit on the side and eat snacks with a couple runs up and down the pad. 062113_0040
Sophie was content to dip her toes in.062113_0042
That afternoon we headed home to get dinner ready for the missionaries. It’s always so refreshing having them in our home.
There have been a lot of afternoons where I’ve rushed home to get the kids down for naps and they fallen asleep just before getting home. I really hate when this happens. It’s quite the feat to get a car load of groceries and two sleeping kids in the house especially when it’s 110 degrees or more outside and a small hike into our place. It means I have to pull up as close as I can get, take one child in as fast as I can, rush out for the other child, take that child in and hope they both make it in asleep, I have a few more trips with groceries, and then back to the car that I have to re-park. It’s making me tired and hot just thinking about it.062113_0043
A couple Saturdays ago we took the kids to a Diamondbacks game.062213_0025
It was a slow beginning, but an exciting ending. Molly had a blast and Sophie did awesome. 062213_0027
Rob recorded the game from home so when we got back we just had to see if we made the big screen. We did!062213_0033
Molly’s loves coloring and putting together little works of art each day.062713_0006

Sophie’s still a stubborn sleeper. The other day we put her down and she just keep crying in little spurts. It wasn’t until we went into bed that we found that she’d sat up and could get back down. She fell asleep sitting up and folded over. This position couldn’t have been comfortable… although I did have college roommate who would sleep like this.Sophie sleeping
On Friday night we tried some Portillo’s Hot Dogs. They were good, but I like J-Dawgs better.062813_0024
Some nights I give up getting Sophie back asleep in her crib after a middle-of-the-night feeding and we snuggle in bed for the rest of the night. It never ceases to amaze me how much room this little one can take up. A couple days ago I woke up on the very edge of the king-sized bed with Sophie nuzzled up to me with all the room in the world on the other side of her.062913_0001
Saturday we helped paint the back room at Rob’s Mom’s house. It’s always fun to see the change after a paint job.
Today we spoke in our ward. We don’t have a printer here and after many failed attempts to print our talks we headed to church paperless. Luckily we found someone to help us print them off last minute and with that looming over our heads for the past 3 weeks its finally over and we can relax.


  1. I love Last Chance, sometimes I have great success and other times I find nothing, just depends.

  2. We loved seeing what you guys have been up to! Paige kept trying to pinch Sophie's cheeks on the computer and can finally say Molly! Hope July flies by so you can come back soon:)