Sophie 8 Months

Yesterday in church we sat behind a woman holding a newborn. It wasn't till seeing the size of a newborn that I realized how BIG Sophie is these days! I love it. She may not be as tiny as she once was, but she sure has learned a lot since then.
 She's getting a little flirty and when we're in public Sophie will peer around me and give some stranger a big grin and then hide in the crook of my neck or nuzzle up to me when she gets a smile back. Then she'll repeat the process again. it.

Sophie got a little rhythm and will bounce to a beat. She likes to tear paper into tiny pieces and is more squirmy and wiggly than I can just about take. An hour holding this little girl in Sacrament Meeting sure wears me out. 

Lately Sophie has been giving us the cheesiest grins while breathing in and out of her nose real quick. I wish I had a picture or video of it. It cracks us up.
  We've been working on solids with this little girl. It's taken time for her to catch on, just like it did with Molly. She hates rice cereal, likes fruit alright, can sometimes tolerate veggies, and gags every time I give her ground up meat. But she gets really interested in what we're eating and I'll let her chomp on already-eaten peaches, corn on the cob, and lots of watermelon chunks in her mesh food ring. 

 She still loves hair and is always reaching for it. I've resorted to wearing my hair up and mostly in a bun so that those tiny little fingers can't get a hold of it. I'm already loosing enough hair I don't need any more help. But even with my hair in a bun she'll still grab the little ones at the base of my neck. 
She's been grabbing Molly's hair too. I hear a lot of, "SOPHIE, DON'T-PULL-MY-HAIR!!!" from Molly. In fact, the other day I was in another room and I heard the familiar cry from Molly. I went in to explain to Molly that Sophie's just a baby and her hair looks like a lot of  fun to play with. Then I saw Sophie chomping away on a fistful of Molly's hair! OUCH! I know that had to have hurt.
 Sophie is such a stubborn sleeper. She was just getting the hang of falling asleep by herself until she learned how to sit up. Now the first thing she does when she get's put down is sit right back up. So we're back to square one with sleep training and when we're just exhausted she ends up right where she wants to be... in bed with us. She might look so innocent and cute nuzzled up to us in bed but...

 she's sort of a bed hog!
But I love cuddling with her!
 I fear she's on her way to crawling. I think things are going to get a lot messier around here soon.


  1. We dont usu make it thru Sacrament meeting with E anymore:)

    I think you both are just too sweet of parents and you secretly LOVE having her sleep with you:)

    Cant wait to see you guys soon....if it works out:)