Cause Baby You're a Firework!!!

Rob once asked me what my favorite holiday was, and after some thought, I said, “The 4th of July."
“Seriously,” Rob replied with raised eyebrows.
“Yeah. It’s in the summer during the best weather of the year. There are parades, BBQs, family get-togethers, rodeos, and fireworks. What’s not to love about that!” I told him.
It wasn’t until this year that I understood Rob’s surprised reaction. Rob didn’t grow up loving Independence Day as much as me. He didn’t go to parades or rodeos or love summer weather. Now that we’ve celebrated this holiday in Arizona together I can understand why. It’s not the best weather of the year here, so no parades or rodeos, it’s a bit uncomfortable to BBQ and watch fireworks in the heat. That being said, we still tried to make the 4th fun, even though it was different.
070313_4th of July_0168
On the 3rd, we drove out to Cave Creek forty minutes away to view some fireworks. It was hot even at 9 pm, but since I took my camera, that kept my mind off the heat.

On the way home, we watched another firework show that, unbeknownst to us, happened to be right in our neighborhood. Ha. So we really didn’t need to go far for fireworks, but we did… and we got to see two shows.
On the 4th, we headed over to Butter’s Pancakes and Café with the rest of Scottsdale. We underestimated how popular it would be to go out for breakfast at Butter’s. We just chilled out in the heat until we were called in 30 minutes later.
070413_4th of July_0079

070413_4th of July_0083
Molly had Mickey Mouse pancakes.
070413_4th of July_0085
I had Wild Berry Stuffed French Toast and Rob had Eggs Benedict and Cheese Grits.
After breakfast and a quick nursing break, we regrouped and headed down to Tempe Town Lake thinking we’d let the kids enjoy the splash pad and possibly take a boat out on the lake. Once we got close, all the roads leading to the Tempe Beach Park were barricaded. So we parked and started walking to the beach park. On the way we found out that the splash pad and the beach park were closed for an event that night. We were bummed! It was hot and Molly kept asking to go to the splash pad. Instead we walked around Mill and shopped at Urban Outfitters.
We headed home for the kids' afternoon naps and Molly fell asleep in the car. Once we got home, Rob carried Molly from the car until he put her down to open the door and she walked in, just past the door jam, and decided that the entryway floor looked pretty comfortable and crashed right there. Rob and I just looked at each other and laughed. Molly woke up while I was taking her picture and thought she was pretty funny.
070413_4th of July_0102
After naps, we headed to the pool for a late afternoon swim and then barbecued for dinner. I begged Rob to buy sparklers for the kids and, although he didn’t want to for safety reasons, I convinced him. We let the kids watch them from a safe distance.
070413_4th of July_0118

070413_4th of July_0140

070413_4th of July_0144

070413_4th of July_01302
We ended the night with some fireworks outside our apartment and a mini marathon of Impractical Jokers.


  1. I like the 4th, but I refuse to go watch fireworks if we are in town here. You got some amazing shots of the fireworks!!

  2. haha- Danny's obsessed with Impractical Jokers:)

    i agree- watching fireworks here is DEATH- but we did this year too- still fun- love your pics!!

    when are you moving back to Tucson? We will be there next weekend for a couple days.


  3. I love the firework pictures with the cactus in the back. Your girls are as cute as ever. Looks like you guys are having a fun summer!