High Waters

Rain,      r    a    i    n 
Go                    away
Don’t flood the street and         our           car                          away
We left for church
We tried 2 ways
You blocked our path lll and you made us late
We turned d n u o r a around
Against the grain
We drove into traffic and     t h e      p  o  u  r  i  n  g        r    a    i    n
Cops closed our street
Because of flOOds
One more detour from a  river   of     mud
Molly’s       s p   l     a      s       h
In the rain
Clothes all wet – oh what a pain

                                                          It’s    been
                                            too                               hot
                                  To play                                         outside
                             A nice                                                  relief and
                            a nice                                                        July
                              Mr. Sun                                              comes out   
                                   Rain,                                              I say
                                           Come                              again 
                                                     another         day.

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