Molly's 1st Photo Shoot

I was eating breakfast with Molly the other day, when she looked at a coupon book on the table and said, "Costco!" She recognized our favorite place to blow money in the name of quantity. On Monday, for Family Home Evening, we decided to have a photo-scavenger hunt on our way to Costco to pick up a treat and a few other groceries. When we got there, it turned into Molly's first photo shoot when she started taking pictures of everybody and everything, including her fingers. Half the pictures Molly took got left on the cutting room floor, when Heather created this animation. Heather and I are pulling for our children to adopt our respective hobbies. Heather wants them to be photographers. I want them to be sports aficionados. From the way Molly owned the camera, I would say Heather is winning. 

My favorite pictures are the random people who smiled for Molly. We didn't realize Molly was taking pictures of complete strangers until we got home looked through the photos.
Heather thinks she looks a little too excited about the peas she found.  

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