Sick To Our Stomachs

Things have been a little crazy here the past week. On Monday night, Rob came down with a stomach bug, and although he tried going into work on Tuesday he only lasted 2 hours before he was home again. That Tuesday night I started feeling under the weather and by the next day, me and Sophie were sick! I really wanted to lay around and take it easy, but Sophie kept me down-right busy washing multiple loads of laundry and giving her bath after bath. She threw up 9 times in 24 hours... in her crib, in my arms, on the rug, across the carpet as I ran her into the bathroom and on our bed... 5 times. We were lucky it was only a 24 hour bug and I was extra lucky most of the items Sophie threw-up on could be thrown in the washer. 

With all the craziness happening I'm just getting to blogging about our outing from last weekend.With Group-on in hand, we headed down to old Scottsdale for dinner a a little stroll at sunset.

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