It's been a long summer. Sometimes I get bottled up in the house working on the computer and I forget to go outside and let the kids stretch their legs (which also has something to do with the summer heat). It is hard to move to an area for only 10 weeks. I feel that I don't want to put myself out there to meet new people because I'm going to be gone by the time I get to know them. Rob has friends from high school that have been great at including me in activities and play dates. One of those times was last week when Anna called and said they were going to be at the splash pad at Scottsdale Quarter. We decided to go after Sophie's morning nap, which was just enough time to meet Anna, talk for a bit, and let the kids play before we had to leave for afternoon naps. Hazel and Molly have become friends and Molly talks to her a lot on her 'fake' cell phone. Rob has been asking Molly what she dreams of to take a pulse of what is trending in her life. The last couple times Hazel has been on the top of the dream trending list, as well as Ariel, marshmallows and Umizoomi.
Not only were we able to go to the Quarter last Thursday, we went the next day as well to meet Rob's high school friends for dinner. We decided to eat at True Food, but when Rob made the reservation at 5, they weren't available until 8 and we were meeting at 6:45. We decided to try another place called Tanzy instead because they could get us in at 7. It was a modern restaurant with interesting d├ęcor, but honestly it wasn't our cup of tea. We didn't get our food until probably 8:30 and when it came it was warmish cold. The flavor was pretty good, but the prices were ridiculous. We split one meal and it was a lot pay to still fill hungry at the end of it. We even looked on their menu before hand and didn't realize that we were looking at the lunch menu. Nowhere on the menu was this indicated (Rob went back and checked) and I felt that we got fleeced. But the night was fun, the company was great, and we even had Anna's sister, Lilly, babysit Sophie for the first time. It was really nice to go out and not worry about getting the kids to bed on time or keeping Molly entertained during dinner.

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  1. Both were so fun. I love that picture of Molly looking at the candy store. Yeah, I'd never go back to the restaurant again. :) Way too expensive for mediocre food that takes two hours to prepare. BUT, it was so fun to be with some of my favorite people. Plus, that wine room made a pretty awesome backdrop.