Molly Xarissa

 Molly is certainly our little love! She is such a joy and brings smiles to our faces everyday. Molly is 2 years (+9 months), but if you ask her she'll tell you she's 1 and then a few seconds later she'll admit she's 2. I wonder how she'll respond when she turns 3?
Molly is a good sleeper. She retires to bed around 6:30-7 and will sleep in till about 7am. She'll take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and sometimes she'll let you know she's tired and ask to be put down! Usually every night she requests, "Mama put me down." It's weird, because Rob is much more fun and willing to read multiple books with her and I'm all about business. Get in, get her down, sing a song, and get out. But her wanting me to put her down and my business-like bedtime routine probably stems from the fact that Sophie needs to be put down too and needs to fill up on Mama's milk before.
Molly's refuses to be reverent during prayers. She used to fold her arms, sit still, and want to offer the prayer but that's fizzled out.  When she does pray, it's very cute. She likes to put in phrases from the song A Child's Prayer. The other day her prayer went something like this, "Heavenly Father, are you really there? Thank you a food. Bless a food. Thank you this day. Do you answer every child's prayer? Thank you a food. Bless a food. In Jesus' name, Amen!"
Molly is pretty clever. She is constantly moving chairs around and using them to reach what she wants. A couple weeks ago, I found her sitting in her room watching TV with the chair reclined back on the bed.

Molly is a social butterfly. She loves to be around people and especially other kids. She's always loved to go to nursery and enjoys her time away from Mom and Dad. She's either a leader or a bit bossy because she'll tell kids of all ages to follow her around and do what she's doing.
Molly loves songs. She's always liked listening to me sing and passes no judgement on my A Capella singing abilities. I recently downloaded an app that sings Primary Songs and she requests to listen to it whenever it's time to go to sleep.

We're grateful that Molly doesn't demand things and then throw tantrums when she doesn't get it right away. Sometimes she gets frustrated, but were fortunate that we can usually talk with her and help delay her gratification. For example, Molly had a cupcake for dessert the other day and really wanted a second one. I didn't want to give her one so I told her she could have one the next day and she was perfectly happy with my answer and we brushed her teeth and she was off to bed.
Molly's language has exploded! She can communicate really well. There are a few words she can't quite say right and I'm okay with that since it's really cute. 
A few of those words are...

liclish = licorice 
missamerries = missionaries
alligator = elevator
bunny milk = chocolate milk
stinky cute = stinkin' cute
picinik = picnic
Gampa Towell = Grandpa Powell
Mr. Sun = sun
tebby bear = teddy bear

Instead of saying MINE she'll say, "It's mine though". And more recently she's been saying, "Don't freak out." She got that from the movie Tangled.

She likes to pretend play, especially when it is something we do with her. So the other day at about 10 am  I was feeling a little tired and laid down on the bed in her room. She then proceeded to put me to bed by covering me with blankets, singing me songs, closing the blinds, giving me a glow stick (since I gave her one the night before) saying I love you, and closing the door. Then she came back in and repeated the process a few more times.

Three things Molly's is a little obsessed with these days are:
  play dough, soap, and the color brown.


  1. That's an awesome prayer. Ha ha, makes me laugh.

  2. Oh Molly...so cute! I love when she says tebby bear:)