Sophie 9 Months

Sophie is getting more and more interactive everyday. She is rolling and getting up on her hands and knees and just started crawling a couple feet at a time.
She is starting to wave hi and bye.
She started dropping things off the side of the changing table and her high chair, just to see them fall.
Baby food meat makes her gag and sometimes throw-up.
She likes to play Patty Cake and clap her hands.
She throws tantrums when something is taken away from her.
She is still a stubborn sleeper. As soon as I put her down she clings to my hands and wants to snuggle with them. She gets upset when I leave.
She flaps her arms like a bird when she wants something.
She growls, says ma ma, da da, and a lot of other gibberish.

Weight: 17.5lbs 36%
Height: 28in 60%
HC: 16.9 25%

(Roll over the first two photos with your mouse. Just do it.)


  1. Baby food meat would probably make me barf too.

  2. So cute! Your blog is so cool and artsy!!