One thing Heather and I love to do is go to museums. We are also super cheap. So when we went to the DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun, we kind of had low expectations since it was free, but we needed something to do on a Saturday afternoon. From past experience, we've decided that free events usually don't live up to the small expectations and sometimes they are just a bigger pain than not going at all, especially with the kids. We were pleasantly surprised with our visit to the Gallery of the Sun. It was an impressive little gallery. It was one part botanical gardens, two parts cool architecture, and three parts southwest art. Neither Heather nor I are big fans of southwest art, but DeGrazia's style had a modern chicness that really appealed to us.
Sophie loved exploring the cobbled walkways. We wanted to get pictures of Sophie crawling since she is going to be walking soon. We tried to get a few shots earlier that day to our dismay.
We liked his work and picked up these 3 note cards to take home and frame for ourselves.

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