Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

Since we returned from Utah, my life has been chaos! I've felt stressed, overwhelmed, and about to lose it on multiple occasions. Just when I think I'm getting things under control, more and more things get added to my plate and it just makes me frustrated and stressed. Here's a list some of those stressful happenings in the past few weeks since our return to Tucson.
  • Rob started school
  • Molly started potty-training
  • Sophie started teething = fussy baby and less sleep for us all
  • Molly and I committed to preschool 2x a week with me teaching 2x a month
  • I took charge of our ward playgroup
  • We fed 4 missionaries
  • We took our last visit to the Desert Museum before our season passes expired
  • I spent 2 hour and 40 minutes on a phone interview
  • I spent almost 700 minutes total on phone calls I didn't want to make
  • We spent 6 hours in lines, which didn't involve a roller coaster or anything grand at the end, just more headaches
  • 1 appointment for Molly, Sophie, and me
  • A dentist appointment
  • A doctor's appointment
  • Cable
  • 1, 2, 3  photo sessions edited
  • A speeding ticket at 37 miles per hour! My first ticket ever!
  • A 4 hour online driving test as a result of the speeding ticket
  • 2 car registration renewals
  • A new driver's license
  • 3 visiting teaching visits
  • Our 6th year anniversary
  • A MBA tailgate
  • A ward party and a salad for it
  • Dinner with Rob's MBA class
  • A holiday in the hills
  • An 80's dance workout at La Encantada
  • Loss and gain of medical insurance
  • A birthday dinner in Mesa
  • 10 blog posts written and posted
  • An overnight stay at a local hotel
  • 7+ potty accidents
  • Substitute taught a Relief Society lesson
I recorded one of my overwhelming days just so that I can look back one day and remember my time as a mom to 2 young girls and as a wife to a full time student.

August 26, 2013
I thought the day was going well when I woke up at 7 am and thought, if I go right now, I can get in a little workout before Rob leaves for his first day of school. Despite his roll of eyes when I told him I was going to run on the treadmill, I headed out and snacked on a granola bar on the way to the little gym in our complex. I returned home not much later, showered and got ready for the day. I got Molly up and ready before I remembered I needed to complete an interview by phone today. It's almost impossible to get through if you don't call first thing in the morning, so at 8:30 I made the call. I waited on hold for quite some time. Then a technician showed up at our door to fix our TV. While he shuffled through our apartment, I was taken off hold and started my phone interview.

So here I was, juggling a phone call, the TV technician, a two year old, and Sophie who needed to go down for a nap. When the TV guy finished and left, I tried to get Sophie down for a nap when I was placed back on hold. Like usual, she didn't want to nap and continued to cry and cry.  The interview required some extra info I needed to get from online. When I went to look it up, I found out that the TV guy disconnected the internet. So I tried to text Rob while on the phone, so he could help me with the info. Sophie continued to cry and Molly insisted on watching the Potty movie, then whined for milk, a snack, yogurt, and such. I wasn't able to get all the info I needed, but was able to finish the phone call 2 hrs and 40 minutes later! I then helped Sophie get to sleep and had to make a call to our internet provider to get the internet back up, which was followed by another call to our bank to allow us to exceed the maximum spending limit so we could pay tuition.

I knew I needed to visit the grocery store today, especially since I was taking dinner to a friend. I tried to plan something out and knew I'd have a short window of time to run my errand.  I would need to go as soon as Sophie was up and before Molly's afternoon nap. Well, Sophie woke up before I was finished planning, so, as I was scrambling to get out the door, I realized Molly's car seat was inside our apt and not in the car. It needed a vacuuming job, which I quickly did, then ran out and installed it in the car. I came back, grabbed the kids and took them out to get buckled in. Of course, it was over a 100 degrees and our car was parked right out in the blazing sun. I got Molly in, and then realized Sophie had a poopy diaper. I didn't want to pack the kids back into the house for a diaper change, so I changed her in the driver's seat and headed off to the store. I did my shopping with Molly whining and Sophie fussing.

At check out, I was holding Sophie and watching Molly play around the cart. The cashier was having some major issues checking me out. He had to call for help about 4 times and it took him over 20 minutes. During our long wait, I was trying to keep Sophie happy and not let her pull all the cashiers papers from behind his screen. I was also trying to keep Molly from playing on other people's carts and constantly reminding her to stay close to me. I felt so bad for the other shoppers who were behind me in line and I tried as much as possible to avoid eye contact, but when it was clear this check out was taking a ridiculous amount of time I knew I had to apologize. I was happy to hear the annoyed person behind me say that it wasn't my fault just loud enough for the checker to hear. It would have been okay if they had enough checkers to help, but after they called more and more workers to the front, the line of customers just continued to pile up.

While I was helping Sophie and trying to help the cashier with an item I was purchasing, I looked up and realized I couldn't see Molly. I started looking around the cart and scanning the front of the store. She was nowhere to be seen. I wondered if she had wondered back into the store or, heaven forbid, out into the parking lot. I started walking around, but not venturing too far from the check stand as I was still in the process of checking out. I was trying to stay calm, but inside I was alarmed. Had someone lured Molly away and taken her, or did she leave the store? Where was my child? I flagged down a worker and begged her to help me find my 2 year old.  Each second ticked away much too slow. Then, just before they were able to shut down the ENTIRE store because my child was missing, another cashier spotted her. She had decided to take a seat at a table by the far entrance and just out of my site.  I was mortified and embarrassed at the whole experience and nearly in tears thinking about it and how ridiculous this shopping trip was. When my order was finally completed, a worker insisted they help me out since my hands were obliviously full. I drove home with a lump in my throat and on the brink of tears. I got home and, just as all shopping trips to the grocery store, I had a car load of groceries and two kids to haul in under the blazing sun.

When the cold things were unpacked and store away, I started to make Molly a lunch so that she could go down for her afternoon nap. The trip to the store took much longer than expected and she was past exhausted as was Sophie and I! It was then Sophie's turn for lunch and a nap. Once things settled down,  I finally had a bite to eat at 3 pm.

I was relieved when Rob came home late that afternoon. Finally I could get a break from the chaos and focus on preparing dinner for us and a friend in need. We quickly ate and rushed dinner down to our friends.

With our chaotic day finally over, I able to enjoy a FHE treat with the kids and a little bit of snuggling with my babies before we tucked them into bed. And a much need little break just before bed.


  1. All I have to say is I better stop at 1 while I'm ahead! That sounds so stressful! Hope things are slowing down!

  2. Oh Heather I feel your pain!! Days like these make me want to stop at 2...how did your mom do it again??! This is why I'm excited for our girl's nights to start so we can have some fun!! I also think I know what interview took you 2 and a half hours...I've done some myself. Remind me to tell you some tricks I learned last time I did them!

    1. I know, I'm amazed by my mom...9 kids, WOW.
      Yes, I need to know your tricks!

  3. It's nice to know we aren't alone! This sounds a lot like my week! I'm actually 4 weeks from having my 3rd baby girl, we moved three weeks ago only to find out I no longer have medical coverage except emergency services, I feel like I spent the whole week on the phone with insurance people, many times on the brink of tears, daphne started kindergarten, I'm super tired with so much to do still to prepare....but it's okay. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    1. Sarah, I had no idea you were expecting! Congratulations. I think any type of stress while pregnant is exponential. I hope you get medical coverage soon so you don't have to stress about that. Maybe you can get a few naps in while Daphne's in kindergarten and Penelope takes a nap. I'm excited for your new arrival! Where did you move to?

  4. I like to write down days I have like this because I know I'll look back at them many years from now and laugh. This reminds me of one, I think I put it on my blog, when all my tomatoes dumped out in the middle of the Costco parking lot. :) Hopefully you get a few slow days thrown in the mix, because I know that's the only thing that keeps me from going crazy from days like this.

    PS At church Sunday, I was talking to someone and I was pretty sure I saw my girls walk outside. I finished my conversation and hustled outside and they were no where in sight. I panicked, called out for them, walked around, no where. I ran back inside and someone thought they were in the Clerk's office with Jason, but no. So then I went in the cultural hall with no luck. I decided to go outside again and just then, a girl I used to teach in primary came walking in with them. She saw me looking for them outside and saw them hiding outside behind a wall and decided to help me out. Little turkeys.

  5. CRAZY CRAZY....so scary when lose sight of kids!!! You are such a good momma:)