Sophie 10 Months

Sophie is now a pro at crawling. There's something about seeing babies crawl that makes me happy. I hope I never forget memories of Sophie following me on her hands and knees. She likes to spin in circles while she sits and will pull herself up and stand. 

It took a lot of work and pain to get her front 2 bottom teeth, but she did it and we hope she has a little break before any others come in. 

Sophie knows how to de-lid markers and pens and I'm afraid she'll soon make works of art on our carpet, couch, and walls. She does get a few marks on her face and legs so it's clear what she's been up to.

She knows how to use a sippy cup and suck from a straw. We didn't help her learn how to use a straw, she figured it out one day when she found some of Molly chocolate milk. Oops. 

Now that Sophie crawls, our house is more of a mess as she moves her way though it.

When Molly was in Sophie's stage, she liked to open doors and cupboards. Sophie likes to shut them. She must take after me and Molly takes after Rob.

Sophie thinks the door-stoppers are always fun to fling.

She still flaps her arms and kicks her legs when she's excited.

One of my favorite things Sophie does is give kisses. She doesn't give them out like candy, but when she does give us one she'll lean in and let you kiss her on her little lips.

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  1. oh my goodness what a little personality she has all of a sudden- so sweet :)