The Lodge

As part of a class Rob is taking, he is doing an advanced consulting project with a local hotel. On Friday, they invited him and his family for dinner and an overnight stay. It was fun to get away and convenient that it was only 10 minutes down the street.

 Dinner was great. They set us, and Rob's team members, up in a room all to ourselves. It was nice because we could let Molly and her two new friends run around and play to their hearts content. 
 A little Duck Duck Goose just outside our window before dinner was served.
 Molly insisted on going to the potty with her friends multiple times.
 Rob had scallops, I had salmon, and Molly had grilled cheese and fruit. It was really yummy. For dessert we let Molly have strawberry short cake and the look on her face when they set it down in front of her was priceless. She couldn't contain her excitement and it showed. She referred to her dessert as her 'birthday cake'. 
 That night, Molly had a queen bed all to herself.


 Molly's yogurt train.

 We tried to take a family photo. Molly didn't want to so... it didn't happen.

 More friends to play with.

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