Utah Part 1

Saying this past month has been CRAZY is an understatement! 
The madness started when Rob finished his internship in Scottsdale August 8th. A few days prior to finishing his internship, we made a trip back to Tucson to drop off some of our things. The night of Rob's last day, we gathered more belongings we didn't want to haul around for the next couple of weeks and dropped them off at Rob's Mom's house. It didn't help that we had to make a couple of trips back and forth between her place and ours. Oh, and Rob got locked out of our apartment for 30 minutes at midnight since I decided to go to bed on Rob's last run and didn't realize I'd locked the door. 

On Friday, we cleared out our short-term apartment and drove straight up to Utah for my niece Haley's wedding. It was a looooong drive!
1| Sophie starts the drive happy 2| Beautiful clouds 3| Molly's new toy for the drive 4| Near Monument Valley 5| Our favorite snack of the ride... left-over peas 6| Scenery 7| Molly's expression when she knew she was in trouble for getting out of her seat belt 8| Sunset 9| Molly hiding under her blanket

In Monticello we stopped at the temple for a short break. It's a small, but beautiful, temple.

 The temple grounds have some amazing views!

 Even though we left Scottsdale at 8:30ish, we didn't get to Roosevelt until 11 pm.

August 10th. Haley's wedding. I was in charge of the photos for Tim and Haley's wedding day. I left Rob and the kids to drive out a little early with Haley and her family. Rob took bad directions from Haley's brother, so we had to rush in to make it to the ceremony. Luckily, we made it on time and we weren't the last to arrive.
Weddings are beautiful. They always remind me of our wedding 6 years ago.   

 You can see more of my favorite photos of Haley and Tim on my photography blog.
We had a nice lunch after the ceremony.
That evening, just before the reception, Haley and Tim had a traditional Korean ceremony.
1| The Korean wedding ceremony set up 2| Drinking water from tea cups 3| Haley's dress 4| The Grandparents tossing dates and almonds 5| Dates = future female children. Almonds = future male children 6| Haley and Tim catching dates and almonds 7| Sharing a date. The one who bites off the biggest piece is the one who has the most power in the relationship (Haley)  8| Tim giving piggy back rides 9| Captivated audience 

The reception was interesting. We had clouds, wind, rain, and pleasant calmness after the storm.

 The kids loved all of their cousins. I barely saw Molly the entire night.
1|Molly and lots of boy cousins 2| Eliza holding Sophie
  This was the moment Sophie crawled for the first time. In a dress no less.
The reception.
 My family minus Wade. (Tiffany, Kimberly, Shane, Logan, Mom, Dad, Cameron, Jonathan, Me, Jennifer)
  Molly was snapping photos along with me all day.

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