A Garden and Pumpkin Pancakes in Pajamas

Day 3 without Rob. Sophie woke up extra early this morning (5 am), and Molly slept in a little later (8 am). When we got ourselves all put together, we met up with friends and explored the Botanical Gardens. We loved the butterfly house!
The kids had a lot of fun together. And we only went through one outfit per child (potty accidents). 
After baths and naps, we spent the evening with more friends and had pumpkin pancakes for dinner in our pajamas. What a day!


  1. great pictures...I don't think I've ever been to this place, where is it?

    1. Catherine, it a hidden gem right off Alvernon and Grant (just behind Fry's). We always go with Michelle T. She has a garden pass.

  2. beautiful pics!! Sophie is the cutest shirtless :)