Carving Pumpkins With my Little Pumpkins

This video consisted of over 950 photos (Now that's daunting when you decide to upload that many photos to your computer at one time)! Out of all of those, here are a few of my favorite.
Another pumpkin poem from our Great Pumpkin poet.

Get the gourd
From the store
Pick a pair
No worse for wear
For the girls
To carve and scour
Slice the top
 So it won’t drop
Pumpkin ruts
Seeds and guts
Till it’s clean
At least no seeds
Pumpkin patches
Striking Matches
Light the candle
From the mantle
Put in pumpkin
A week, it's rotten. -Rob


  1. Ack! I love your videos. And that polka dot pumpkin is pretty fantastic too.

  2. this is the best!! love the dotted pumpkins too= great idea!!