Deep in the Heart of Texas

Two weeks ago, I went to San Antonio to find a job. I felt bad for Heather because I left her with the kids, who had been pretty difficult lately, while I got a quasi-vacation down south in San Antonio. I was able to stay with Mike and Sheryl Jones, who lived just down the street from where I grew up in Mesa. Sheryl was out of town, but Mike was a great host. Mike took Travis, who is another MBA student in my class, and me to Rudy's BBQ and gas station. I had been to the one in Chandler, but this one felt a little more authentic. The smoky smell, the taste of slow-cooked brisket and turkey, and premium unleaded gas. Only in Texas. Mike not only treated us to Texas BBQ, but cooked us several meals, showed us his 3-D printer, and experienced Iron Man 3 on his 3-D TV. We each got our own room and a king-sized bed. It was more than we could have expected and a great place to prepare for our career fair.

At the fair, I met with several companies. I am currently looking for a marketing position in consumer package goods or something in sales operations. The locations ranged from the east coast to the Southwest. I was able to get four interviews (Microsoft, Kimberly Clark, Henkel, and 3M) at the fair and one company (Dish Network) followed up with me after the fair. I had a Skype interview earlier today so, I was happy with 5 good interviews. Heather doesn't see them as companies, but rather locations. Redmand, WA; Neenah, WI; Scottsdale, AZ; St.Paul, MN; and Englewood, CO. I found out earlier this week that Kimberly Clark is out, or in Heather's terms, Neenah, WI. Other than the me locking my keys in the car for a fifteen minute delay in Ozona, TX, the trip was a great success. We are just waiting to see what the future will hold.


  1. If you don't get the job in Scottsdale, be warned that I'll probably invite myself to come visit you wherever you go. :)

  2. Oh you'll love St. Paul. I vote there since I'm most likely to visit there or Scottsdale, but I guess that all depends what crazy locations solon tries to take us to law schools.

  3. aggghhh you guys HAVE to stay in AZ!! :) But good luck in this BIG decision!!