Halloween Me

This year we had so many opportunities to dress up and celebrate Halloween and lots of little parties.
Last Saturday, we went to our stake BBQ. Last year, Molly tried to play in the bounce house, but got bullied by the bigger boys. This year, she was hesitant at first, then she was the one pushing kids over. It's good to see that she can hold her own, but I apologize if your kids were in the wake of her rough housing. We left a little early to...
...trick or treat at the La Encantada Mall. We went last year and knew we didn't want to miss it this year. It was extra fun since we had lots of friends with us along the way. The best costumes we saw were Boo, Mike Wazowski, and Randall Boggs (aka Paige, Sarah, and Dan) from Monsters Inc. I love theme Halloween costumes and I'm a little sad we didn't really do one this year.  We also got this cute pic by the fountain of our girls with Boo and Bunny (Sophia). (Sophia is our friend, Pamela's daughter. Pamela had Sophia a couple months before starting her MBA, while her husband is doing his residency in pediatrics. What a wonder women! And Rob complained about having Sophie during the first year.) 
On Wednesday, we had a little Halloween party at playgroup. One scary thing that happened during the party, other than Molly downing lots of chocolate eye balls, was Blakelee's son falling from the top of the playground set. He got the wind knocked out of him. Luckily, other than a few scrapes, bruises, and a cut mouth, he recovered like a champ. 

^^The two pictures above are courtesy of  Blakelee^^ 
On Halloween we celebrated with friends. We took all the kids around the neighborhood trick or treating and then had some amazing chicken noodle soup and wassel for dinner. Molly was in heaven. And she was definitely not shy, asking for extra candy for her sister Sophie and for her mommy and daddy at each door. Sophie wasn't so happy. 
Friday was our ward chili cook-off and trunk or treat. We went as an angel and a devil on our shoulders. This was the closest we came to having a theme. 
They had face painting at the party and we were wowed!

As you can see we like a good (no fuss + cheep) Halloween theme. Rob's favorite was the Juno-inspired one.


  1. Love the different years of costumes, especially the Juno one. That kitty cat face painting is amazing!

  2. love their costumes, i will NEVER forget how perfect you pulled JUNO off- perfect :) such a fun Halloween for you guys!!