A few adventures from the past few weeks...

Zoo with friends and the missionaries.
 My friend Sarah and I were brave and drove up to Tempe with our 3 1/2 kids to visit IKEA. We survived, but not without chocolate and ice cream!
We had a nice dinner on the patio of the Marriott (thanks to Groupon)
We went to a circus birthday party with a lot of little clowns.
Last week we tried to have a little adventure for FHE. Of course it was foiled by traffic, getting lost, having to eat our picnic in the car, and arriving at the park after dark. But we did make it to the Rattlesnake Bridge where we walked into its mouth, past its fangs, and through the belly before hearing its tail rattle at us.
We spent an hour in the dark (power outage).
We tried to teach Molly how to put her pants on the right way. (Sometimes it's just too hard to figure out.)

We got a killer deal on a new double stroller. 

And Rob visited a horse whisperer


  1. So much fun!! You are inspiring me to keep up on my blog....we'll see if I can do it! ;) Love the circus birthday! Do I know the hostess?? If so, let me know because I may want to buy some of the decorations! Gonna do a circus bday for Jo!

    1. Emma. You can do it even if personal blogging seems like a dying art.
      I don't know if you know the circus party hostess... Molly goes to preschool with her daughter Brightyn, but I can put you in touch if you like.

  2. how'd you get a killer deal on that awesome stroller? Sophie is getting so big:)

    1. Beka we got a killer deal because we got the orange one. It wouldn't be my first choice for two little girls, but it's not ugly and for $200 off it was worth it. (P.S. thanks for all your comments. You're the best!)

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