Sophie 11 Months

Sophie makes lots of noises these days like 'ooh',  'uhh' and when she pulls your hair or scratches you and you say 'ouch'  she'll repeat ouw. She also speaks a lot more gibberish.

She likes to hit her head with her fist, especially when you say 'bonk.'

She puts phones to her ear and chats.

She puts her pacifier in her mouth all by herself now, and sometimes she likes to puts it in our mouth too.

We love that she is so giggly.

She cruises, balances, and tries to stand up all by herself. She also likes to push off things, stand for a second, and fall on her bum. Then repeats.

Sophie is sleeping! She now sleeps through the night and sleeps so much better for her naps. (Finally!)

She rubs hands together when you put soap or sanitizer on them.

She feeds her baby doll milk and gives her kisses.

She is still a big fan of dropping things off edges for us to pick up.

She likes to hand us things, but immediately wants them back.

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