A Baby, A Birthday, and a Busy Break from Rob

This family has been busy! Between preschool, playgroup, cleaning the church, feeding the missionaries, doctor appointments, and staying up late each night working on projects with a deadline, we've also...

...had a newborn and a family photo shoot (including lots of hours preparing photos).
We had our friend, Sophia, over to play and sleep. 
We spent a Saturday at the Heritage Festival where we panned for gold, made dolls, joined the army, rode sock horses, carded cotton, roped calves, gunny-sack raced, listened to the Mormon battalion band, and ate Sonoran hot dogs.

Sophie turned 1! 
Rob had a last minute job interview in Arlington, Virginia (practically D.C.). He was informed about it on Monday night and flew out on Thursday morning at 5 am! 
Molly had her 2nd dentist appointment. She was pretty excited. 
After the dentist, I couldn't bare going home to an empty house while Rob was out of town so I took the kids to a store to play with toys instead.

We spent a Saturday at the Family Festival in the Park.
 We discovered the Rose Garden at Reid Park. I think we'll go back!

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