Sophie Turns One!

We celebrated Sophie's 1st birthday last week with pancakes for breakfast, a trip to the park, balloons, a check-up/shots at the doctor's office, naps, a little party with Mama, Dada, and Molly, crowns, and a big piece of cake!

 A few things Sophie currently does...

Shakes her head from side to side like she's saying no

She's starting to jabber

When I put her down to sleep she tries to hum to cue me to sing her a song

She likes to put things inside of other things so things are slowing disappearing around here. (The other day, without me knowing, she took my keys out of my diaper bag and put them in the trash. It was a major blessing that I decided to take the trash out and when I lifted it up I heard jingling and saw my keys at the bottom of the dirty bag!)

She's pretty helpful when we dress her. She sticks out her legs when we are about to put on her pants

She waves hello and goodbye.

She can sign the words "milk", "more", "eat" and "thank-you" 

She's mischievous and likes to do exactly what you say not to do... like: pushing the button to turn off the computer, pulling hair, licking her hands after we put sanitizer on them, or touching things we say not to.

She's a speed crawler and I just love watching her get around

She can get up by herself and stand for long periods, but she's cautious about walking without holding our hands. She's taken a few steps by herself (see video), but will usually sit back down and crawl.

She likes to "dress up" putting necklaces on or things on her head

She loves to hold our hands and she'll snuggle up to them as well. 

Weight: 18 lbs 14 oz : 35%
Length: 29.5 in : 65%
HC: 17.25 in 22%


  1. Heather! I LOVE that video!! Will you give me a little tutorial sometime if I pay you in cookies!?

  2. Happy Birthday Sophie!! So cute! I love the crowns and ombre pancakes! You are so talented Heather! I hate to see your girls grow up so fast.