Life According to my iPhone

Santa came a little early this year for Rob and I and left us new iPhones! My 7 year old flip phone, while still working great, was retired and I'm sort of in love with my smartphone. My favorite feature is the camera... (hello instagram!) So here are our adventures according to my iPhone...

1|decorating the Christmas tree 2-3|seven am- woke up to this 4|our 1st selfie on my new phone 5|babe in mama's boots 6|morning walks and throwing rocks in the fountain 7|beautiful winter days 8|playing at the park 9|birthday ice cream a week late 10|halfing vitamins 11|girls love tools too 12|babes playing 13|both girls wanting to sit with Dad- that's rare 14-16|U of A storytime
1|battling naps with a 3 yr old- we won 2|making banana bread 3|German pancakes for dinner 4|playing on the patio 5|Making doll houses for Christmas 6|My first piece of furniture completed- mini bed 7|preschool field trip- tour and service at Deseret Industries 8-11|McDonalds play house after field trip 12|Is that a gift under our tree? 13|receiving stickers in the mail 14|what happens when your 3 yr old has stickers and you're busy on the computer 15-16|U of A Hanging out while Rob turned in a paper.
1-9|Tucson zoo.
1-6|rose garden 7-8|palm tree 9|Sunday dress 10|resting after lots of walking around St Phillips farmers market 11-12|a huge flight of stairs- Sophie was in heaven 13-16|Snow fall at La Encantada
As I took that last photo of Rob and Sophie at La Encantada's Snowfall, we lost Molly. I asked her to sit on the bench while I took a photo, but she had something else in mind. As soon as I finished, I realized she was gone. At the moment I wasn't too worried. There were a ton of people and I figured she was near, but as Rob and I searched and searched among the crowd, it was obvious we needed to be worried. I started asking people near me if they saw which direction she took, but nobody knew for sure. Rob reported it to security and we continued to search. We went around and through the crowd and she was nowhere in sight. My heart was pounding more and more each minute that passed. I was having flashbacks of all 40 episodes of Disappeared I'd been watching and thinking I was going to be on that show describing how my 3 year just disappear. Finally someone found her and returned her to security. We don't even know where she was (although we're were pretty sure she wasn't in the crowded courtyard), and we were so rattled that we didn't think to ask the security guard how they found her. We were relieved when she was returned. We gave her a lecture and put her in time-out. I hope she learned her lesson, we learned ours.

Oh and another new found love... Vine.

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