Molly Turns 3

Molly turned 3 this past Saturday. She requested pink waffles for breakfast (which was probably a spin-off of Sophie's pink birthday pancakes). We had a little treasure hunt for Molly in the morning, and let her enjoy her new gifts. We then took her to dinner and the Trail Dust Town that evening where we watched a gun show, rode the merry-go-round, went up in the ferris wheel, and chugged along on the train. When we returned home we had some birthday cake before bed.
It feels like yesterday we took her from Timpanogos Hospital in Orem to our apartment. We love Molly and are so thankful for the spirit she brings into our family. I will always have the memories of Heather going out to Zumba, while Molly and I kept each other company for a couple of hours one awful night a few months after she was born. Molly played on some my insecurities of  being a good dad by screaming for an hour and a half while I tried to calm her with every song in the hymn book, every channel on TV, and every soothing technique Heather used, except breast feeding. The constant crying mercifully ended when I turned on the cartoon-version Transformers series on Netflix. I really think that she stopped crying so when Heather returned she wouldn't know how hard it had been to watch her. That night helped me appreciate not only the hard work of parents, but also the unique things that you have to discover as a parent to soothe a crying baby.

Lately, Molly has been showing many different sides of herself. For example, one week at playgroup, Heather had taken Molly to a tree to pee because that particular park had no toilets and Molly needed to go. Well, the next week playgroup was at a different park which had bathrooms. Molly decided to show off her new skill and a whole lot more. While Heather was watching Sophie and talking to some of the other moms, one of them pointed out that Molly was pulling down her pants. With boys and girls surrounding her, she decided to relieve herself pioneer-style (like at the previous park). Heather ran to her aid and was going to take her to the bathrooms when she decided it was probably more effort and Molly was likely to have a accident on the way than if she just helped her tinkle on the grass like last time. Of course relieving herself wasn't enough, she decided to double the fun by going number two. Heather was not expecting that and was totally embarrassed, but had to do her duty as a mom and clean up the mess in front of a little curious audience.

Molly is very funny. Lately, she likes to pretend that I am a princess. Out of the blue one day, she wanted me to pretend to be Princess Eloise. I have no idea where she came up with that one. Molly also has a creative vocabulary. She frequently says "slipperly" for slippery, "I have a good idea," and "I want you to stop talking." When you ask her to do something she'll say, "I can't," or "I don't want to." She loves to make crafts and draw, which she's pretty good at. I can usually convince her to dance or to be a robot or dance like a robot. Her impersonation basically is rigid arms and fingers extended, with her repeating, "ROBOT-ROBOT" in a very monotone voice interspersed with either her or I laughing.

Molly has always been really social and loves to be around kids. She's always talking about her friends and a few weeks ago she had her 'first kiss.' During nursery she grabbed her friend Rowan and planted a big one right on his lips. Rowan was a little in shock at Molly's forwardness, but blushed and giggled about it later. When we were driving home Heather asked Molly if she'd kissed Rowan. Molly admitted she had. Then she asked her if Rowan kissed her back, to which Molly responded, "No mom, he kissed me on the mouth, not on my back." That made me and Heather giggle all the way home.

Molly's finally given up her pacifiers. She still had a habit of sucking on them to fall asleep, but we told her once she was 3 we were going to give her passys to the monkeys at the zoo. So far she's been passy free (except for a few times she's stole Sophie's), which has also meant that she's been nap free too. Heather almost wanted to let her have one back for naps, but she's really trying to stay strong.

We love that Molly is empathetic. We've been told that when kids in nursery get hurt, she is there to give them a big hug and tell them it's okay. Today we heard Molly saw her friend crying when her mom left the room in nursery, so Molly hugged her friend's head to her chest, stroked her hair, and told her not to cry.

Molly is so sweet, with a bit of 3 year-old attitude. We love her!

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