Our 2013 Thanksgiving

Another year brings us to a great time to reflect on what we are thankful for. 
Heather is thankful for Arizona Thanksgivings. This was the second straight year where we enjoyed our food outside in perfect weather.
I am thankful for the opportunity to share this day with family.
The 3 F's of Thanksgiving are Food, Football, and Family - and family is my favorite. 
Molly is thankful for willing cousins to go on little adventures with. It doesn't matter if she's never met them before, she tries to tell them where to go and what to do.
Sophie is thankful for the opportunity to show all her new sign language tricks. She can now sign Mama, Dada, milk, eat, more, yes, no and bonk (she made up that one up as she hits her head when we say bonk). 
Heather is thankful that she didn't have to put on a Thanksgiving dinner by herself.
I was thankful that Sophie let me hold her without crying.
Molly is thankful she got to sit at the kids table with all her new friends and cousins.
And Sophie is thankful she practiced her duck face before this shot.
Sophie was thankful that when she cried loud and long enough her parents were too soft to make her go down for a nap during the height of all the Thanksgiving excitement.
I was thankful that the kids didn't break anything.
Heather was thankful Molly didn't have a potty accident.
Molly was thankful there was plenty of food for seconds after she dusted her plate with a pound of salt.
Heather was thankful for the chance to go to the temple while Grandma Kathy and uncles watched Molly.
I am thankful I can repent for skipping the temple for an eight-hour Black Friday nightmare to get smartphones.
Molly was thankful for all the cool lights at the Mesa Temple.
Sophie was thankful that we brought the double stroller to see the lights so someone could keep her company, but I regretted bringing this one with opening night crowds and so did everyone around us.
We were all thankful we made it safely home to Tucson and had enough time to prep for a special 3 year old's birthday. 

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