Sophie 13 Months

A few things about Sophie at 13 months...
  • Sophie points to herself.
  • Screeches like a banshee whenever she wants something, doesn't want something, is mad, or just wants to annoy everyone around her.
  • Jabbers.
  • Uses her index finger to point to things.
  • Loves to wave. She waves hello and goodnight to practically every picture in our house, which is a lot of pictures.
  • She's finished nursing, not by her desire, but because I needed to start medication that couldn't be used while breastfeeding. It's been sad for the both of us, but we're ready to move on (we made it 12 3/4 months). I also think this was the onset of her banshee call.
  • Started drinking whole milk.
  • She's starting to say a few words with her mouth and not just with her hands. She says 'ah-oh,' and 'all done'.
  • She's getting more and more daring with walking. She doesn't have her balance down, but she trying more and more. I think she'll be walking pretty soon.
  • She growing lots of teeth. She just had her bottom left and her upper right tooth pop though.

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