Alamo Springs

On MLK day we decided to go for a hike. Rob looked up an easy day hike we could do with kids and after Sophie's morning nap, we headed north. We knew the hike dead-ended off Tangerine Road, but we didn't have exact directions. So we drove down Tangerine, stopped by a grocery store to pick up a little picnic lunch, and kept heading west. After we went the whole length of Tangerine and not finding the hike, we pulled over to check our phones for directions. I realized the hike we were looking for was on the opposite end of Tangerine! So with a screaming child (Sophie), and little patience we headed to the other side. We didn't make it. We decided to go back to hike a familiar trail on Dove Mountain that we did almost exactly a year ago. It was a good idea. Instead of hiking the Upper Javelina Trail, we did Alamo Springs Trail instead. 

Conveniently, there was a picnic table at the start of the trail that we used to eat our picnic on. 

Once we started, we were doing pretty good with Molly walking and Sophie in the Baby Bj√∂rn until Sophie decided she wanted to hike instead. So with a lot of patience, we all hiked. Once we made it to the top of the mountain, not the end of the trail, we turned back and hiked down.

We were proud of our little hikers, even if they complained a bit. It was nice to be out enjoying the nice weather and our time as a family.
All photos taken on my iPhone

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