Christmas 2013

We had no plans to travel far away this Christmas. We chose to spend Christmas in Mesa with the Williams family. We've spent almost all our Christmas's in AZ (you can't beat AZ weather in the winter) and I was feeling a pull to do some Powell traditions. It's been years, like more than all our years of marriage, since I've had a traditional Powell Christmas. So we decided to add a bit of my family tradition into the mix. To fit it in, we did everything a day early. On the 23rd we had a Powell Christmas Eve dinner with ham, potato casserole, rolls, green beans, and Christmas slush.
We let Molly open one gift before bed.
The next morning, (the 24th) we didn't have stairs to line up on and take a picture so that didn't happen, but don't worry I got plenty of pictures of the kids opening presents. We saved half of their gifts to open up in Mesa on Christmas Day
I was a little surprised at how good Sophie was at unwrapping.
After presents we had a yummy Christmas (Eve) breakfast. Usually the Powell's have fruit, hash browns, eggs- which was always a real treat since we almost never had eggs after we discovered many of us had familial high cholesterol- and orange juice. I strayed and made monkey bread and rice pudding instead. Hey, I wanted to bring in a little Swedish tradition in to the mix too.
We let the kids play for a bit while we cleaned up, packed up, and headed up to Mesa. The picture (below) kind of reminds me of a monkey playing cymbals when it's actually little red riding hood playing with toy pot lids.
We spent Christmas Eve eating Kathy's traditional Clam Chowder, singing Christmas songs, watching Truman G. Madsen's video The Eternal Christ, and driving the streets looking at Christmas lights.
On Christmas day, Molly was so excited that Christmas came again and Santa left her more presents to open!
We stayed in Mesa a few days after the holiday and had lots of adventures. We played Settlers of Catan so many times even I won twice. I'm talking multiple times a day, everyday. We shopped at Last Chance and finally got Molly some shoes that weren't flip flops or rain boots. We had lunch at Joe's BBQ. We checked out the new outlets off I-10. We visited the Finlinsons and picked some of the best AZ oranges. We cleaned Molly up after she threw up late one night on our way back to put the kids to bed. She threw up in the car and when I tried to help it just projected onto me. We attended the temple. We spent an evening eating and hanging out with friends. We walked around and fed the ducks at Morrison Ranch. I brought my camera and took senior portraits. We visited an Ostrich Ranch. And we went with friends to the Fiesta Bowl. 
We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with lots of adventures too!

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