Christmas Countdown

Now that Molly is 3 and really starting to understand holidays, we wanted to make this Christmas extra special. We did a countdown of Christmas activities to get in the spirit.

Christmas lights at the Mesa Temple.
Decorating the Christmas tree.
Snowfall at La Encantada
Gingerbread Houses.
Charlie Brown movie.
Ward Christmas Party.
Christmas Lights at Winterhaven.
Christmas Stories.
Hot chocolate.
Nativity video.
Christmas shopping.

We loved our Christmas countdown. It just might become a family tradition.

1 comment:

  1. The Christmas before Hazel was born, I did a huge countdown with Clara because it'd be her last Christmas as an only child. The next two years we did things. This year, I just went with the flow and made a list of things we could do, but didn't do a countdown because I knew it'd stress me out having to stick to doing all these things on certain days. :) It felt more relaxed this way for us. So we do a more casual countdown now. :)