International Wildlife Museum

Molly: Dad, I wanna to go to a castle. Can we go to a castle?
Dad: Sure Molly, we can go to a castle. 
Molly: I want it to have butterflies. Can we go to a castle that has butterflies?
Dad: Sure, we can go to a castle that has butterflies. Is that it?
Molly: And flowers. I wanna a castle that has pretty flowers. 
Dad: Pretty flowers and butterflies? I don't know about that, but I'll try. 
Molly: And lions. 
Dad: Lions? Seriously? I don't think there is a castle that has flowers, lions, and butterflies.
Molly: And giraffes, maybe polar bears. Oh, and all the animals on Ice Age like a saber tooth tiger, a wholly mammoth, and a squirrel.  
Dad: Impossible! It doesn't exist.
Molly: It does. Let's go. That's a good idea. Don't forget your camera Mom.
Dad: You are right Molly. That was a good idea.
Molly: Dad you're the best.
Dad: I know.
Sophie: Dada, Dada. Dada!

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