Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch

We hung out in Mesa an extra day just so we could hit this spot on our way home. We've passed by the Ostrich Ranch so many times, but it's never been convenient to stop on our way up to the valley and it's almost always dark when we drive home. So on Monday morning, it was a planned stop and it was a nice break in the 2 hour drive.
They had lots of other animals beside ostriches. We feed donkeys, deer, goats, ducks, prairie dogs, and lorikeets.
The ostriches are a little feisty. They stole both our feed cups. One from me and the other from Molly. I caught one of the incidents on tape (glad it was my cup and not my camera!). You'll see it in the video.


  1. I have never seen so many ostriches! What a cool place, I want to go! Love little miss Sophie walking all around like a pro.

  2. That place is fun. My fav part is feeding the birds nectar.