Santa's Little Helper | Dollhouses

Santa got a lot of help this year from me! I took on making these fabric houses back in November. I worked on them a few hours just about every night up until a few days before Christmas when I realize I wouldn't finish them in time. So I pulled out my things, took over the kitchen table, and sewed for two days straight (like 12 hours a day). I put the finishing touches on Christmas Eve and wrapped them up.
It was a lot of WORK! I enjoyed most of it, although I'm relieved to know they're done and my evenings are freed up for other things. 
I had these pillow cameras on my to-make list for Christmas. So I sewed them up last minute and embroidered the girls names on the back so they'd be extra special.
A few things I learned from these projects...
  • I embroidered for the first time and decided I liked it. 
  • This was more time consuming than I could ever imagine.
  • Pellon is awesome!
  • Mini quilts are more cute than regular sized ones.
  • Hand stitching all the furniture was exhausting. Once I made the first set I didn't want to make the second set.
  • I'm not good at making stuffed animals.
  • Photographs (I know, not my best) don't do them justice.
  • Just the preparation (choosing color schemes ((especially at a discount fabric store)), gathering all the different items needed) kind of blew my mind.
  • I like french knots.

The pattern is an old McCall's that I borrowed from a friend.
The black & white triangle quilt is a mini version of this.


  1. Heather! If you guys move up here when Rob is done with school, I might just quit my job and try to be more like you. Amazing.

    1. Thanks Anna. I feel the same way about you.

  2. These are amazing! Great work Heather. So creative as usual!

  3. I am super impressed with these doll houses and your skills!! These are so aforable! Now I really want to see them in real life. :)

    1. Thanks Shelly. You can see them in real life anytime!