Sophie 14 Months

Sophie is 14 months. A few things about her at this stage are...
  • She is exclusively walking and is pretty good now. 
  • She loves to climb stairs and has learned to go down backwards, although she's not very good at it yet. 
  • She jabbers a lot, but is starting to talk. She can say, 'all done', 'hot', 'mama', 'dog', 'open', 'book' and today she said 'applesauce'! 
  • She'll dance to any music she hears. 
  • She knows how to thrust her body just right to squirm out of your arms when she wants to get down and walk. 
  • She climbs. The other day we found her standing on a table. 
  • She's into reading and will bring us books all day. 
  • She loves the bath. As soon as she hears the water running, she comes running. 
  • She likes to brush her teeth on her own terms. As soon as we try to help her, she clamps down her lips and does want to open. The top teeth are especially hard for us to brush. 
  • She waves to strangers as she walks by them. While shopping at Target, Sophie took off and as she walked through a sea of Target employees she waved at each one.
  • She's fascinated by dogs. 
  • She likes to wear necklaces and carry a purse on her shoulder. 
  • She's a pretty good eater and enjoys feeding herself. 
  • She's stubborn.

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