Watch For Falling Rocks | Flandrau Science Center

The best part of having an extra long break is spending a little more time with Heather and the kids. Since we decided not to take a little vacation to California for the break,  we decided to go out and see a lot of Tucson instead. In the past, we weren't able to take advantage of the local attractions of the places we've lived, so we are trying to make amends now. This weeks adventure led us to Flandrau Science Center at the U of A.                                            
Heather and I were really impressed by the collection of rocks that they had. We've been watching a little bit of the TV show, "Prospectors," which gave us some reference of how much these rocks can go for. I was especially attracted to the aquamarines that were highlighted on the show. Heather just loves pretty rocks.           
Molly loved causing a rock slide. 
This structure is called a hoodoo. 

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