February Happenings

I'm a little surprised we survived this past week. It was so packed, there were a few days I wondered if we'd make it. 

Sunday: We celebrated Rob's birthday, went to church, and made dinner for a new mom in the ward. 

Monday: I spent most of the day preparing to teach preschool for the week. In the evening I had a photo shoot. After dinner, I spent the rest of the night editing photos from the shoot since I knew I'd have no other time to work on them during the week.

Tuesday: I taught preschool, cleaned for coming visitors, and went to an afternoon appointment. That evening my parents and brother arrived.

Wednesday: Took my family to my favorite museum Degrazia's Gallery In the Sun. Spent a lot of time preparing and cleaning up from meals (which it always the case when visitors come), and since my parents were so gracious, went on a date with Rob that evening. We had dinner at the Abbey and used the movie tickets we got for Christmas to see the movie Philomena. We had the whole theater to ourselves.

Thursday: We went on a field trip for preschool to the Pima Air and Space Museum. Helped coach Molly's soccer practice.

Friday: Sent off my parents and brother, did lot's of laundry which only ended up being half the amount that needed to get done, but I got burned out. Cleaned part of the house because the same thing happened: burned out.

Saturday: Woke up bright and early to go help clean the church building. After, we headed straight to the zoo. In the afternoon we ran a bunch of much needed errands.

Sunday: Went to a meeting for one of my church callings, had the home teachers over, went to church, and fed the missionaries. 

Rob's 33rd Birthday
1| Sophie taking the whole roll of toilet paper off the roll 2| Molly and Rob napping on the couch 3|4| Molly's soccer practice 5| Cactus 6| Rob posing for Molly new love: iphonography 7| Red Light Green Light 8| Suds. We bought a huge bottle of dish soap from Costco thinking it was dishwasher soap. 9| Molly cheesing it up for the camera. 
Degrazia's Gallery in the Sun
Molly got so wiped out one afternoon she fell asleep like this waiting for lunch.
Our field trip to Pima Air and Space Museum
Molly's 'crayon factory'.

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