Sophie 15 months

Sophie is 15 months! She has such a cute personality and she's not afraid to show it. A few things Sophie likes and does...

  • follows simple directions. Like putting things in the trash. Getting her shoes when it's time to go. Folding her arms for prayers.
  • loves to go outside. As soon as the door is opened she is off on her way whether we're ready or not. 
  • likes to hold our hands. Molly never wanted to so it's a special treat to have Sophie reach up and grasp my hand/finger.
  • likes to run away from us. Mostly because she like the thrill of us chasing her down.
  • initiates singing the Apache (jump on it) song. 
  • loves to read books!
  • loves the bathtub.
  • unusual positions. Well, mostly she likes to fold in half and put her head on the floor without using her arms. A few times it's lead to a somersault.  

Words Sophie can say: banana, knock knock, book, dog, snack, Mama, Dada, open, hot, thank you, good job, night night.

Weight: 21 .lbs 11 oz 50%
Height: 30 in 30%
HC: 17.75 30%

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