A Rainy Day and the Valley of the Moon

Saturday it was a rare rainy day, and we didn't mind so much. With rain boots donned, we headed out in the drizzle to story time at the U of A. We kind of love story time there. 
On the way home we decided to pick up a few items at Costco and Rob insisted we stop on the way and eat at Oregano's for lunch. He even offered to pay with the birthday money he received. I told him the only way I'd go was if he managed the kids and I could sit back and relax, cause lets face it... eating out as a mom of two little ones is surprisingly no fun. It's a constant battle of 'stop doing that', 'don't shake anymore salt out of that shaker', 'shhhh', and 'please don't put my fork and knife on the floor'. I get tired of picking up the 25 Splenda packets that made their way to the ground, the gross backwash in the drink I shared with a child, the begging the kids to sit calmly and eat while everyone around us is wondering why they have to sit by the noisy family.

Well Rob was game, so we went. Despite sitting at a plastic table and chair, next to a caution sign for the constant drip from the ceiling in the middle of the room, the bottom of the door next to us occasionally blowing open, and a long wait for our food, the pizza was good and Rob did a pretty good job with the kids. He only had to take Molly to explore the bathroom twice and entertained her by letting her take photos (top right photo above. She's not too shabby. We laughed that she's better than Rob). We ordered the Grandma G's which had potatoes and rosemary on it. It was pretty yummy and a bit pricey.

In the evening we headed over to visit the Valley of the Moon's moon-strolling under the fairy lights. It turned out the event was cancelled due to the rainy weather, but we did meet a volunteer that gave us our own private tour instead. George Phar Legler, the man who built Valley of the Moon in the 1920's, was eccentric as they come. The park is not in tip-top shape today, but it was pretty interesting and kids loved it.
After our little tour, we walked out of the gates and played in the puddles. The lighting was awesome so out came my Nikon.
We saw a beautiful full rainbow, but by the time I got into position to take a picture of it, the middle disappeared and all that was left was the rainbow on either side.

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