March Happenings

Some of our happening the past few weeks...

I made this quilt for a baby shower.
On our way up to the shower in Gilbert, we stopped in Mesa at one of our favorite drive-in's for lunch.
We tried a new burrito. It had fries inside.
We also went to the temple. These flowers made me think of Hawaii. 

Last Friday we hiked Tumamoc Hill. It's paved the whole way. We thought we could take the kids up in the stroller. First of all, they didn't want to sit. Second, it was a bit steep with a stroller. Third, the kids were cranky. We made it 3/4 of the way to the top when Rob announced he was done. 
I convinced him to let me finish the few steep switchbacks to the top while he headed down with the kids.
On the hike, if one child wasn't whining, they were crying and then when we split, the kids were both in hysterics for Rob while I finished the hike. When I returned, I consoled Molly and let her play a game on my phone. That just made Sophie more upset and she cried the whole way down the hill.
On Saturday we went to the Tucson Festival of Books. We spent the whole time there in the kids section and we loved it. We also came home with two new (free!) books.
In the afternoon on Saturday we went to a birthday party. The tractor pinata was the best I'd ever seen. It was hard to break open, but filled with lots of candy.

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  1. Your hike makes me smile a little. :) I would've hiked to the top too. You can't turn around after you're 75% to the top. ;)