Sophie 16 Months

Sophie is getting bigger and smarter by the day. A few things she's learned this past month:

-How to open doors. This subsequently means that she has more access to the bathroom and has been caught bathing her doll in the toilet multiple times. Eeeek!

-How to fold her arms for prayers. She still working on closing her eyes. Right now she just squints and smiles when she tries to close them. It's the cutest!

-She's learned how to say: no, banana, cheese, and Jesus. She also says 'oh' for yes.

-That she has high cholesterol. Since I have familial hypercholesterolemia, I took both Molly and Sophie in to be tested for it. Molly results came back normal, but Sophie's cholesterol came back high. Her total cholesterol was 296. The doctor wanted to make sure it wasn't a fluke and had me take her in a second time. It came back even higher at 322.

-To run. Okay, maybe not run, but she can walk really, really fast. 

-Throw massive tantrums. We're talking sprawling out on the floor screaming at the top of her little, but loud, lungs. She can do this for 20 mins or so without letting you console her.

-How to go down slides all by herself.

We really are in love with our sweet Sophie girl! She has such a cute personality and we are so glad she is a part of our family!

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