Spring Break | Part 1 | AZ Science Center

Science and I don't mix. I never had a science mind, and I don't think Heather does either. I wanted to be a dentist when I started college, but was weeded out by Chemistry. So with that said, we decided we needed a good balance of science and culture and fun on our spring break. And since San Diego was out of the budget, or rather got vetoed by the CFO (Heather), Phoenix it was. 
The best part of the AZ Science Center was the outside water area. We could have stayed there the whole time. I wasn't that impressed with the rest of the museum. There were cool things here and there but for the most part, the Arizona Science Center was a disappointment. 

The culture part of our downtown excursion involved eating at the best pizza restaurant in the US according to Rachel Ray, Vogue, and Bon Appetit. I really enjoyed it although, it was a little pricey. One of our best ideas was to get it to go and eating it just around the corner from the restaurant where the kids could roam and raise hello's from passerby's.  

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  1. I feel the same way about the Science Center. There are some cool/fun things, but it's not somewhere I'd get an annual pass to. And I love science. Also, I've never tried Pizzeria Bianco's but have been wanting to for about 10 years. :)