Spring Break | Part 2 |Phoenix Zoo and The Children s Museum

After we went to the Arizona Science Center, we needed a little more zoology, but what we got was a lesson in boo-hoo-ology from our science-centered stay-cation. Boo-hoo-ology centers around the study of crying. Although we haven't been pulling all-nighters from Sophie's condition, we've gotten plenty of study material from her recent outbreak of tantrum-itis.Sophie did pretty well at the science center, but she made up for it at the zoo. I have to say, I appreciate the Tucson Zoo a whole lot more after going to the Phoenix Zoo. Tucson's Zoo is more catered to kids with smaller distances between exhibits, closer proximity to animals, and much closer parking. We have been several times and it doesn't get that old. The Phoenix Zoo does offer more animals and the monkey exhibit was pretty fun as well as the playhouse, but it seems to be more catered to kids 5-12 year-olds rather than infants, toddlers, and weary parents of infants and toddlers.
Sophie's tantrum-itis took center stage about 20 minutes after getting to the zoo. She sobbed and tossed and turned and hit her fists and head on the ground to show she was not pleased. As Heather was taking her in the stroller ahead, and me watching Molly about 20 yards behind the screaming banshee, I heard other parents say, "I'm glad we're done with that," quietly under their breathe. Inconsolable, we trudged on with her rather than offer her up to the lioness or gibbon. After, what seemed to be 30 minutes of banshee-iting, she finally stopped.
Our vacation also included a massive bag of kettle corn. We didn't share with Sophie, and it turns out Molly doesn't really care for the stuff, so there was some gorging in the front seat. We learn that, just like Pringles, once you pop, you can't stop.
The best place we went during our trip was the Childrens Museum on 7th Street. It was surprisingly fun and much more impressive than Tucson's. They had some of the same stuff like a grocery store area and a wind tube that shot out small handkerchiefs, similar to the ones we used in elementary school when I was young. Some of the highlights included a huge multi-level, industrial, hodge-podge tree (?). It also had an area where you could paint a small castle, take your tricycle through a carwash and a shoe-less infant area that the kids loved. It was nice to end on a good note and we even thought about getting a membership even though we don't know if we are going to end up in the Phoenix area.

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  1. I wonder if you would have enjoyed the zoo more if Sophie had enjoyed the zoo more? Just saying. :) Also, I bought that same giant bag of Kettle corn from Costco and basically ate the entire thing myself. SO good.