Camping at Peppersauce Caves

Friday afternoon we headed out to Peppersauce caves campground with a few friends for an overnight trip. To say the kids loved it is an understatement. 
We split up the cooking, so our friends prepared a yummy dutch-oven dinner of bbq chicken and potatoes. The kids roasted hot dog and smores. Later we all had peach cobbler and ice cream for dessert.
It was fun to hang around the campfire talking until dark. We got both the kids down somewhat easy. That only lasted a few hours and they were both up again. Once it was totally dark we packed up the kids and headed out into the darkness to get a few shots of the stars.
I always feel like the sleeping part of camping is the worst. It wasn't as terrible as I expected. The ground was hard but we cleared out most of the rocks before we set up the tent. I put 6 layers of  clothing on top and a couple of blankets over our sleeping bags. As long as I was covered I was warm. Rob on the other hand said he was cold all night, but he didn't have 6 layers on.

At about 3 a.m. Molly woke and had to go potty. Rob wasn't budging so I got up to take her. Going in and out woke Sophie and she wanted out of her pack-n-play. Rob thought it was best to let her cry it out. She was stubborn and cried for about 30 minutes. I felt bad. I'm sure she woke everyone in the packed campground. Well almost everyone. There was one snorer that seemed to sleep just fine with all the noise. I eventually caved and got her out. She laid down on my chest. And about 15 minutes later she was asking to get back in her pack-n-play. She slept the rest of the night just fine.

In the morning, Rochelle and I were in charge of breakfast. Before we started we warmed up with hot chocolate and cider. Then we make hash browns, bacon, eggs, and German pancakes for breakfast.
We let the kids run around and play. Rob decided to stay and put Sophie down for a nap while the rest of us took a little kid-friendly hike. Molly snapped the below picture of me. She's not to shabby with her iphonography.
As we took down the tent and pack our things up, the girls made all sorts of dirt, rock, and stick recipes in the cup holders of a cooler.
We had a few snacks before we headed home. We spent the rest of the afternoon recouping, doing massive amounts of laundry, and all taking a much needed bath/shower.

(Picture 3 and 10 courtesy of Rochelle and Loni)


  1. what a pretty campground! and how in the world do you make german pancakes while camping? dutch ovens? sounds like a lot of work. :)

    1. You got it Anna. Dutch oven. It was probably the easiest thing we made for breakfast.